Uroflowmetry Mobile App using Video Analysis


Functional overview of the app specifically designed to make a revolutionary, logistic free ICT4D (ICT for Development) technology to support preliminary diagnostic of Urological health issues (es: Prostatic Cancer, etc)

Free Software (AGPLv3) project developed by Advanced Knowledge Ventures (Italy) in an international research medical cooperation with IT Laboratories in North Korea.

Here it’s possible to download the Project plan that is being developed for this implementation. (The detailed project plan has been produced after a couple of months of development).

To build the prototype, the budget that has been allocated for the open research and development is total of 7.100 EUR (4 months of work of a team of 6 persons).

Source code available for both client and server components:

WARNING: This application is currently under active research and development - Do not use for any official medical purposes!

Contact for collaboration and research partnership: info@uroflowmetry.org to attention of Fabio Pietrosanti

Other Github Uroflowmetry project

Other open projects try to build an hardware uroflowmeters, while that’s the first software one:

Other Software Uroflowmetry research

Several other research has been done in leveraging Acoustic analysis for uroflowmetry, reasonable next step of evaluation of Uroflowmeter. Below the interesting research resources about Acoustic Analysis for uroflowmetry.

This technical cooperation with North Korea’s software developers is legally compliant with any regulatory restrictive measures applied by European Union as stated by United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR) 2321 adopted on 30 November 2016 as it related to medical exchanges :